Meet the Staff

Minister/ Counseling/Nursing home ministry, and Genesis Facilitator

Wes Taylor

Wes has an anointed ministry and a passion to help others.  He and his wife Kendra are a great blessing to the church. 

Class Acts, Christian Counseling, Genesis Process

Vickie McCarty PHD

Childrens Ministry Director

Lisa Johnson

Ladies Ministry

Sister Pearman

Minister/Outreach / Chairman of board of Trustees

Andy Lucas

Youth Ministry/SFC

Mitchell and Marissa Lucas

The Lucas's are a young couple with lots of energy to invest in the kingdom of God.  They are involved in the youth ministry work of Sidell Assembly and we are thankful to have them!

Music Ministry

Kendra Taylor

As Music director of Sidell Assembly, Sis. Kendra performs tasks such as making sure the members attend rehearsals and be at their best when performing. She carefully chooses the pieces that the group will perform and makes sure everything is in order; from the vocal harmony, to the flow of music. She is also responsible for scheduling of the vocalists and musicians for the Worship Service praise team, as well as the Choir. She has strong leadership skills, and does her best to motivate and inspire the group, and be creative. However, the ultimat goal and vision of Sis. Kendra as a music director is to use the gifts God has given each member of the team to help create an atomosphere of praise and worship where people can connect with God. She strongly desires for each team member to enjoy being a part of the music ministry, but most importantly that each and every one do their best to give God the praise He deserves!


Patsy Cookson

Sis. Pat is faithful to be at church early and stay late to make sure everyone has had a chance to go into the library.  She has worked hard to organize and arrange the many books, Bible studies, videos, cassettes, and cds.  We appreciate her hard work. 

Senior Pastors

Pastor and Sister Pearman

Pastor and Sister Pearman have been pastoring at Sidell Assembly since 1997. Pastor Pearman was a part of Sidell Assembly UPC since 1981 at conversion, and then serving as assistant pastor for several years under the leadership of D.L. Rogers. Pastor Pearman was licensed by the United Pentecostal Church International in 1997 and was ordained in 2011.  Sidell Assembly UPC has continued to grow in ministry, and numbers, as the Lord has continued to bless the church. Sister Pearman is active in Intercessory prayer, Sunday school administration, and teaching .  Together they have taught many Bible studies, trained ministries, and continued to cast a vision for revival. 

  January 2021  
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