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60 Second Survey

1.    Do you believe there is a God?                                 Yes  No

2.    Do you believe a personal relationship
       with God can improve a person's life?                        
Yes  No

3.    Do you believe that you know God in some way?      Yes  No

4.    Have you ever made efforts to know God better?      Yes  No

5.    Do you believe the Bible was given to us by God?     Yes  No

6.    Do you think if a person understood the Bible, they
       could know God better?                                           
Yes  No

7.    Do you think God expects us to live by the Bible?      Yes  No

8.    Do you feel the Bible reveals events that are happening today? Yes  No

9.    Have you ever heard about the return of Christ?          Yes  No

10.  When the Lord returns, do you feel you will be
       among the group He takes with Him?                          
Yes  No

11.  If you live in the Sidell, Georgetown, Catlin, Homer, or Danville area, would
       you be interested in studying the Bible in your home to help you understand it better?                                 
Yes  No

If you answered "yes" to question number 11, please contact us by our email address.
Our Home Bible Study Coordinator will contact you soon, Thank you and God bless!