Tim and Zena Pearman

Pastor Tim Pearman, and First Lady Zena Pearman, have been Senior Pastors since 1997.  Pastor Pearman has been a part of Sidell Assembly UPC since 1981, and felt the call to the ministry in 1983 under the leadership of Pastor D.L. Rogers.  The Pearmans assisted Pastor and Sis. Rogers for 10 years before being voted in as Pastors. Pastor Pearman was ordained by the United Pentecostal Church INC in 2011. They have a beautiful family including 2 daughters, 2 son in laws, and 4 grandchildren. Sis. Pearman is also involved in Childrens ministry, and the Ladies dept. 

Assistant Pastors

Wes and Kendra Taylor

Wes and Kendra are a vital part of Sidell Assembly UPC.  Wes is a licensed minister with the United Pentecostal Church , as well as a Genesis program facilitator, and trustee.  Kendra is a very talented musician, and singer, who is in charge of our music dept.  Sidell Assembly UPC is blessed to have them as Assistant Pastors. 

Youth Directors

Mitchell and Marissa Lucas

The Lucas's are the youth directors of Sidell Assembly UPC.  Bro. Mitchell is also a minister in the church, as well as a talented musicians.  They have 2 children and teach the youth class. 

Counselor, Superintendent

Vickie McCarty

Sis. Vickie is the Superintendent of FCA our Christian School. She also directs our Married couples department.  She has a bachelors degree, and is a Chrisitan counselor, as well as a Genesis program facilitator. She is married to Patrick and also has children. 

Childrens Ministry

Rhonda Fogle


Patsy Cookson

Sis. Pat is our librarian at the church.  

Chairman of board

Andy Lucas

Bro. Andy is the Chairman of the board of trustees as well as a minister in the church.  He and his wife Crystal are a true blessing to the Assembly

Mens Fellowship

Tom Wright

Bro. Tom is our mens fellowship director as well as a minister in our church.  He and his wife Allyson and their two boys are a blessing to the assembly

Super Church director

Lisa Johnson

Sis. Lisa is our Super church director.  She does a great job with the children

Head of Security

Rick Thomas

Bro. Rick is the head of security at Sidell Assembly UPC


Patirck McCarty

Bro. Patrick does an excellent job of taking care of all aspects of maintenance for the Church

Sound and PC tech

Greg Hooker

Bro. Greg takes care of sound recording, and PC operation.  He and his wife Kathy are a blessing to the Church.  She is charge of our CARE dept.