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Counselor: Vickie McCarty Christian Counseling at Sidell Asssembly UPC

Licensed Christian counselor: Vickie McCarty

I’m Vickie

Apostolic Child of God, Wife, Homeschooling Mother. Blogger.
Portrait Photographer. Christian Educator,
& Professional Clinical Counselor. My passion is to inspire, motivate, and CHALLENGE people to give their best -and maybe a little more.

God, your family, and yourself all deserve the best you have to offer!

I’ve always had a passion to help people and Counseling is such a rewarding opportunity, to do just that. I finished with my Certification in Clinical Temperament Counseling in 2014, and my B.A. in 2015 and I am continuing in my education to date.

I certainly know how hard life can get. My father was tragically killed when I was 15 months old so my brother and I grew up in a single parent home. My Mother did the very best she could, but it didn’t spare me from some hard life issues as I grew up and started a life of my own. I’ve suffered at the hand of abuse, divorce, single parenting struggles, and hurts too numerous to mention here. But I refused to let it destroy me! I refused to let it be a life sentence to the land of nowhere! And thanks be to God for never giving up on me!

My goal is not just to help people have a better life here on earth, but to help people have a right relationship with God. Over and over again we see the connection between spiritual health and emotional, mental and physical health. While spiritual health alone does not make every problem go away…spiritual health is critical to bringing emotional, mental and physical health.

You are welcome to visit my site anytime!  I hope you feel inspired each time you do! And if there is something I can help you with, a request for prayer, or you are interested in taking the Arno Profile Temperament Test please contact me! You won’t be disappointed!

God Bless!

Vickie McCarty

**Contact us today about the Genesis Group Process.  We have certified Facilitators at Sidell Assembly UPC